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Featuring 9 Malaysian works performed by UCSI University's Institute of Music faculty, alumni & students.

25 June 2022
Institute of Music, UCSI University
10.30 am - 9.30pm

Congratulations to the winners of Free Hand 2022, Chan Wei Tuck and Jessica Cho. See you next festival!


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© 2022 by Malaysian Composers Collective


This one-day programme features 9 Malaysian works performed by UCSI's Institute of Music faculty, alumni & students. This is aimed at bringing our music to as wide a pool of local pianists as possible, to foster lasting appreciation among our musicians for home grown music.

Starting the day will be a series of presentations by the composers where participants can get behind the thought processes of the musical minds, and ask them questions afterwards. This is followed by a session where the pianists and composers get the chance to discuss their works and gain more insight into each other's disciplines.

The day ends with the concert of the 9 works after which two winners will be announced, who will receive commissions to write for the next UCSI University International Piano Festival & Competition 2022.



10.30am - 12.30pm    Meet the Composers Session I 
2pm - 3.45pm             Meet the Composers Session II 
5pm - 6pm                   Composer - Performer Forum 


8pm                              Concert

Concert Programme

Ainolnaim Azizol:   Berlabuh (performer Ho Su Han)
Chan Wei Tuck:   Contemplation (Maxy Chan Mei Xuan)
Jessica Cho:   Arrhythmia (Tian Zi Yan)
Rayner Naili:   Secluded Voice (Lee Ying Jie)
Nicole Ong:   Piano Variations No. 1 (Chen Jay Hou)
Johan Othman:   Four Bagatelles (Ho Su Han)
Tai Yun Ming:   Turning into Stars (Chee Su-yen)
Zhiyong Tan:   Sad Fact (Ysan Suit Yin & Esther Grace Fanggara)
Fairuz Zamani:   Two Miniatures (Yee Ke-Jin)

Announcement of winners and prize presentation.

composers & performers
The works, composers & performers

Ainolnaim Azizol


Berlabuh (anchored) is a piano solo with tape inspired by the recent major flood in Malaysia, utilising quasi-aleatoric composition techniques with fragments of sound gesture cells. The tape part serves as a sonic container and canvas for the piano part, consisting of rustling windy-trees sound and a DIY aeolian harp.


Pianist-composer and sound artist Ainolnaim received his Masters in Music (composition) at Birmingham Conservatoire, UK and took part in the Darmstadt Summer Course 2012, with lessons with Brian Ferneyhough.


A full-time lecturer and academic researcher at Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Faculty of Music, he has won numerous prizes for his compositions, notably 2nd Prize at the 2014 Asian Composers League festival in Japan.

Performer: Ho Su Han is currently a lecturer at the UCSI Institute of Music. She graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Music, with a DMA in Collaborative Piano.

She did her graduate studies at the University of Houston graduating with the degree of MM in Collaborative Piano. She has participated in various music festivals, and her interest in new music has led her into numerous performances with several contemporary music ensembles in the US. 

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