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Meet The Team


Adeline Wong


Festival Director

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Wong's brainchild, Free Hand is a new initiative to expand Malaysia's piano repertoire.


Institute of Music, UCSI



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Passionate about new music, Prof P’ng Tean Hwa at UCSI University is excited to help expand M'sian piano repertoire.


M'sian Composers Collective


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Formed in 2007, MCC has been at the forefront of pioneering projects to promote Malaysian new music at home and in the Asia Pacific.

There is so much talent here in our country, and we hope Free Hand festival will be able to provide the opportunity to increase the profile of Malaysian composers at home and internationally

Adeline Wong, Festival Director

Adeline Wong is president of the Malaysian Composers Collective (MCC) and the festival director of Free Hand, an initiative to tap the wealth of talent in Malaysia to create new works for the large community of piano performers in the country as well as abroad.

Born in Kuala Lumpur, Wong studied composition and piano at the Eastman School of Music, USA and later received a scholarship for Master of Music at the Royal College of Music London, where she was awarded the Cobbett and Hurlstone Composition Prize. 


She has composed for music theatre, orchestra, chamber ensembles, solo instruments and voice, as well as music for film. Her music has been performed by the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, Belgian National Orchestra, Orkest de ereprijs, the Netherlands, Bang on A Can USA, The Song Company, in Australia, and by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra.


Wong was also the winner of the 2005 Cameronian Arts Awards for Malaysia’s Most Promising Artist Award and Best Original Composition in 2005 and 2003. She was also featured in the Top 10 of Asia list of the New Generation Music Composers in 2014. 

She presently teaches composition and theory at Yong Siew Toh Conservatory, National University of Singapore.


UCSI Institute of Music is very proud to be collaborating with MCC to organise this event ... This goes very much in line with our vision and mission to be a leader in music education...

Prof Dr P’ng Tean Hwa, Director, UCSI Institute of Music

UCSI University's Institute of Music is sponsoring two commissions for their International Piano Festival & Competition in 2020.

Prof Dr P’ng Tean Hwa, director of the Institute, is passionate about new music and is excited to collaborate with MCC on this milestone event.


P'ng is chairman/advisor of the UCSI University International Piano Festival and Competition, which has been held biennially since 2014.


At UCSI University, he is a member of the University Council and a longstanding member of the University Examination Board. He has performed in numerous public concerts as a soloist and as a collaborative pianist in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, Hungary, and the USA. 


He has also presented numerous lectures, workshops, and seminars to both piano teachers and the general audience, conducted many piano
masterclasses, and judged piano competitions nationally and internationally. 


Pioneers in creating opportunities, sowing awareness, leading the way and bringing our music to the world's stage...

Malaysian Composers Collective (MCC)

Formed in 2007, MCC has led the way in promoting new music at home and abroad.


As the member organisation representing Malaysia at the Asian Composers League (ACL), MCC has reintroduced the country's music scene as a force to be respected in the international arena, and sent many young talents to ACL's festivals every 18 months, two of whom have won prizes.


MCC has chalked many firsts for the nation, from its first new music anthology is 2007 to the region's first new music festival and Asean young composers competition in 2009, and its first ever published piano scores coming up this year.

Freehand organising committee:

  • Adeline Wong (chair)

  • Jessica Cho (secretary)

  • Ainolnaim Azizol

  • Raja Alif

  • Hardesh Singh

  • Rayer Naili

  • Caleb Tee

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